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A very minor aside

Well, this freeserver site is now dead, so not useful forever! Dead as of about Nov 2017.

This is the most minor of minor notes: For ugly but very easy and low hassle webhosting of files, I have found to be very useful.  This is despite the fact that the pages are full of adverts and pretty ugly and I only have 50MB (yes, MB) of storage.So why useful?

Because the web interface for uploading files is very simple and they let you leave stuff lying around.  I used to have a detailed page there, over 10 years ago (  Then I largely ceased to use it, made it a list of free word processing software — for no good reason that I can remember —  and left it at that.  That was up to 2007.  I forgot about it.  I did not update it.  Then I recently started putting The Mortem Post together for my own amusement (and I suspect no one else’s) [Sept 2015: Files have since been removed, but comments on Freeservers still hold.]  I wanted to have a pdf version for download and WordPress is a bloogging page and not ideal for hosting such files.  So I made an account at another free hosting site to host the files; but the Post [ is | will be | was ] ‘published’ once a month (at its most frequent) and this free hosting site needed to be updated every couple of weeks (which it wasn’t) or it would automatically kill my account (which it did). Which is fair enough, I hasten to add, since it was free.

I tried to find the old Freeservers page, ran through a list of my superceded passwords, and bingo it was all still there!  Logged in, uploaded the pdfs, changed the links here on this blog and tested it and all was well.

freeserversThe dodgy banner at the top of my Freeservers page.

 As a backend for this WordPress blodge, it works a treat.