Brittle gum editing



Brittle gum editing was the little company I set up when I freelanced. Brittle gum refers to the trees that are scattered about where I live, not a dental condition.

I made up an icon/logo from a panel on our lead-light front door and took a photo of a tree. I am not a graphic designer…

I now work at Biotext, publishers of the Australian Manual of Scientific Style and writers, editors and designers specialising in technical and government content. As a result, I am not maintaining the Brittle gum website, and this page now serves as a placeholder for Brittle gum’s web presence, which has otherwise ceased.

If you’d like to get in touch with me about Brittle gum editing, please send an email to

me at good readsme at Research Gate -- not much happening there these days!me at twitterme at linked inme at orcid (researcher ID -- not likely to be very busy any more!)me at wordpress -- my main presence and this blog


Old content — nostalgia…

screenshot showing menus and images on the old front page

Brittle gum editing — old front page


Screen shot, mostly with a CV and picture of me, when I did not look so old.

Brittle gum editing — old ‘about us’ page.

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