Print to a JetDirect 170X from Windows 10

The setup:

A parallel port printer (in fact, an old 136 column dot matrix) connected to an HP JetDirect 170X.

Have set the printer up to emulate Epson LQ-2550 because there’s a Linux driver for that and I also print to it from Linux.

I know the IP address of the JetDirect on my LAN, and the JetDirect uses port 9100.

In Windows:

Setup > Printers and Scanners > Add a printer or scanner > The printer that I want isn’t listed > Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname > Device type: Autodetect; IP address:; Port name: 9100 > Next > Use Windows Update to find the driver I need (Epson LQ Series 1 (136)) > Go!

Tried a test page



2 thoughts on “Print to a JetDirect 170X from Windows 10

  1. Speaking of printers

    I have been unable to find a print driver for an HP 4620 for Windows XP Pro 64bit.

    I have found print drivers for 32bit but they don’t work for 64bit.


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