My list of DOS pages

General software repositories (most excellent — author has created a Markdown processor too!)

(especially (a few dead links, but useful) (Jason Hood’s great stuff, including the terrific editor, TDE) (creator of the excellent Gopherus cross-platform gopher client, the FDNPKG FreeDOS package manager [apt for DOS!] amongst other things) (of course)

Productivity/office software — the last Vim for DOS; essential (Word 5.5 for DOS, British English, direct from MS) (FLTK applications for DOS — most excellent, nay, essential; IMAP mail client, word processor, etc) (LaTeX for DOS; still usable, if limited) (Old texlive systems, with packages that can often be added to emTeX) (Lotus Agenda, still one of the best idea management tools ever) (As-Easy-As spreadsheet)

Sciency (gp460dj2 is a DOS version of gnuplot — the last, I think…)

Image manipulation (excellent image viewer and converter)

Small utilities\


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