NetComm-M2M NTC-40WV Firmware Update

We’ve been having a connection problem with this router — a computer on a wireless connection will often find the router but not the internet, though it worked on last login. Any wired connections can see the interwebs. So I guess that’s a ‘wireless connection problem’.

Power cycling (have you tried turning it off and on again?) the router solves the problem, but is not a very satisfactory solution.

So I thought I’d try a firmware upgrade.

Old firmware was 1.9.1088 (or something), quite old. So in a way that was good — more chance that the new firmware will solve the problem.

Went to and downloaded This is probably the last firmware this (now unsupported) device will receive.

Unpacked the archive.

Logged into router ( as root.

Now, the main trick is that when upgrading from 1.x.x.x series firmware to 2.x.x.x, we must first install something called appweb-large-file-

This is within the downloaded archive, so it’s OK. Don’t go hunting around in the ‘net for it.

In the browser interface to the router, went to System → Load/Save → Settings and saved my existing router settings to a backup. (Accept the given file name!)

Then went to System → Load/Save → Upload and browsed for the ipk file, then uploaded and clicked ‘Install’. (The instructions are in a PDF that’s also in the archive; read that instead of this.)

The 2.x.x.x series firmware is a single big file, where earlier versions contained two smaller files, hence the need for the preliminary upload.

Then browsed again and chose ntc_40wv_2.0.27.3.cdi.

Uploaded and installed.

Waited about 4 or 5 minutes.

Shiny new status page and rearranged browser interface to the router appeared. Was active; I could browse the web etc, so all looked good. But — had our problems with wireless connections gone away?

<<One week later>>

Now, after a week of observing the ability of machines to connect, do we still need to reboot the router regularly?

It seems … a lot better!



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