Pro-Cite 2.2 + WordPerfect 5.1 cheat sheet

From an old WordPerfect 5.1 document

This is a summary of part of the Basic guide to Pro-Cite, section ‘Creating a bibliography from a manuscript’.

1. Insert your citations in the WP document. Two ways:

  • author/date, like (Smith, 1994) or (Smith & Jones 1987)
  • record number, like (#324) where 324 is the record number in Pro-Cite.

2. Save the document, exit WP5.1.

3. Search for the citations in the document:

  • open Pro-Cite and the Pro-Cite database containing the records
  • in Main Menu, press M for search Manuscript
  • press O for Options and set appropriately
  • F10
  • select all database records
  • F to give the document File name (changing directory if need be), then Enter
  • in Main Menu, press M for search Manuscript, then Enter.

4. Generate the reference list to insert into your document:

  • go to Print menu and set your output format to WP5.1
  • Print the reference list
  • go to search Manuscript and ‘Clear manuscript order’
  • close Pro-Cite.

5. Insert the list into your document:

  • open your document in WP5.1, and move the cursor to where the list is to go
  • Shift+F3 to switch to the second document
  • open reference list, and copy it all
  • switch back and paste it in.


I prefer the 20th century.

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