Build Alpine email client on and for Cygwin

The main website is at:

Releases are at:

And as of today (August 2019), this gets the current version of the source (you can just go there in a browser if you prefer):

$ wget

And build instructions are at:

But, for cutting edge, we can always explore the git repository:

$ git clone
$ cd alpine
$ ./configure --help
$ ./configure --with-passfile=.pine-passfile

But it throws an error:

checking Openssl library version >= 1.0.0c... configure: error: Install openssl version >= 1.0.0c

OK, install some extra development packages , ca-certificates, etc (what’s missing will depend on what you’ve got installed — this is just my experience — the Cygwin package search page can be helpful here) — either using apt-cyg or Cygwin’s setup.exe program (I found apt-cyg worked better):

$ apt-cyg install libssl1.0-devel openssl-devel
$ ./configure --with-passfile=.pine-passfile
$ make

Note openssl-devel is obsoleted, and may need to uncheck the ‘hide obsolete box in setup.exe, and try version 1.0.2 or whatever it is.

But there’s another error, this time when makeing:

sdep.c:43:10: fatal error: crypt.h: No such file or ...

So install some more development libraries — I am not clever, so I just did all the ones with ‘crypt-devel’ in the name:

$ apt-cyg install libcrypt-devel libgcrypt-devel libmcrypt-devel
$ make
$ make install
$ alpine
screen shot
Alpine running on Cygwin in MATE terminal

Then we configurate it.


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