PowerPoint embed fonts

If you don’t embed fonts in a PowerPoint file, you cannot be sure how it will look an any computer other than the one used to write it — unless you stick to the most common fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, that sort of thing).

To embed the fonts in the PPTX file (Office 365 on Windows 10):

File → Save As → More options → Tools → Save Options → Embed fonts in this file

It’s a lot of clicks.

Showing where to find the tools menu.

The ‘Tools’ menu and ‘Save Options’ — not where you might expect it.


Then when you try to save, you might get something like:

Warning that a font is not available for embedding.


Now, in some cases that means you need to install the font, but if it is installed and you still get that message then that means the font is not licensed for embedding. So you can either live with it or change it.

To change it

Home → Replace → Replace Fonts

and fill out the dialogue box. But I found that this (possibly) did not work. When I clicked ‘Replace’ it put the ‘With’ font into the ‘Replace’ box and when I went to save I still got the ‘Font not available’ error. Since I’m not sure where in the document the font is used, I’m not sure whether it was replaced but somehow still listed as ‘required’, or just not replaced.

This movie shows how the Search box suddenly gets changed to the wrong font when I press ‘Replace’. It seems to search for the one I want to replace with, not the one I want to replace…


So I dunno.

Note: Animated gif (above) made using PowerPoint (Insert → Screen Recording to make an mp4 and then ffmpeg to make the animated gif, since WordPress does not like mp4s. ($ ffmpeg.exe -i example.mp4 frames.gif).

Too much

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