Repairing a Casiowriter cw-16: Pictures for Sasha

This is a few more details of the repair that I referred to in this post. It was a very tricky operation, and in giving some details on what I did, I did not want to much dismantle my machine in case I could not get it back together… so this is not completely comprehensive… Here we go.

First, we just take off the semitransparent ribbon cover.

Photo of typewriter

Casiowriter cw-16, top view.

Then, take a close look at the ribbon cassette holder, especially the metal plate that sits on top. If you look closely at the metal plate, you can see that there’s a little bent-down tab on the top edge (as oriented in the photo below). It acts like a spring, holding it in place. A small flat head screwdriver and bit bit of pressing and pulling should allow the plate to be popped off.

Photo of the plate the ribbon sits on

The ribbon cassette holder on the Casiowriter cw-16.

When that’s done, it looks something like the picture below. I have left this as a big image, so you can blow it up and try to see some details.

Photo of the gears that drag the ribbon

Details of the problem part.

Now, in the end I pulled off some more parts — I got that flat ribbon cable that passes around the spindle out of the way, and messed around very gingerly. I can’t say that I had to do that — it might be fixable in place. I was lucky enough to find the little metal shaft that the gear runs on also inside the typewriter. I then put the gear on the shaft, put the tiniest bit of glue on the shaft, using the end of a toothpick, and pushed the shaft back into place using a bit of bent metal. The glue was to both hold the shaft in and fix the crack in the bracket, as per the illustration below. When I pushed it in without the glue, the crack meant the shaft did not stay in place and it fell off again.

xFig drawing of the piece

Rough diagram of the bracket and where the crack was

If the shaft is missing, a suitable short screw or something might do the job.

The tensioning spring needs to be noted. Take lots of photos while working, and take care to avoid any bits pinging across the workshop when they come loose…

NOTE: This does not need to be fixed if using thermal paper and no ribbon, and given that the ribbon cannot be easily replaced (no longer being made, as far as I know), you have the option to just get a fax roll from an office supplies place. Just make sure it is full width, not cash register paper…


Good luck.

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I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

4 responses to “Repairing a Casiowriter cw-16: Pictures for Sasha”

  1. Ali says :

    I just received a cw 16 as a gift from my uncle, it’s pretty neat and the problem is quite similar. It’s just I couldn’t find the shaft and given your photos I’m not sure how close to the plastic bracket should I leave the gear to work properly.

    Any clues would be very much appreciated, thanks!

    • Darren says :


      I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. If it is the same little white gear, it needs to mesh with the larger central gear. It is more or less adjacent to the bracket on mine — the little shaft is quite short. It must spin freely, but otherwise there is no real gap between gear wheel and bracket.

      All the best.

  2. Darren says :

    Nothing wrong with your English! I am monolingual, so I would never complain! You are way ahead of me. I just want to make sure I am giving the right help, if I can.

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