My Vanguard is Alive! (Or: “I’m really out of material for this blog.”)

The Vanguard No 6. Engineered like no other stapler.

The Vanguard No 6. Engineered like no other stapler.

Yes, it’s a stapler. The Vanguard No 6, a real heavy-duty piece of kit. Don’t drop it on your toe!

It only has one problem — you can’t buy ammunition for it any more. The occasional box of staples comes up on ebay or similar, but I cannot find any new product out there.

I think that’s because the staples are half inch across the bridge, where modern ones are 12 mm, and that quarter millimetre is enough to result in incompatibility.

But it’s alive again because I picked up a box at a jumble sale. As a machine for driving heavy-duty staples through the spine of an A5 booklet (or a wall), it is better than any more modern stapler I’ve used. Does require a fair bit of force, though, since there’s no lever arm to give a mechanical advantage — you literally just push the staple through the paper using the big black handle.

Anyway, there’s only so much space I can dedicate to talking about a stapler…

Stapler plus ammo.

Stapler plus ammo.


Made in England.

Made in England.


Office Equipment.


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