Three finger salute killed a monitor

OK, weird stuff.

I have to use Windows (7) as well as RHEL at work. So I am used to hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del on the Windows lock screen to get the password dialogue to unlock the computer. Accidentally did it on RHEL 6


$ cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.8 (Santiago)

$ uname -r


and now the monitor has stopped working! Very weird. I get a few seconds of vision when I turn the monitor on, or when I unplug it and plug it in again, but then it goes black again. I was running the monitor on a VGA cable. The DVI output is working fine, when I test with a second monitor, but does not work on the one that I was using on the VGA cable, and neither does VGA output. It’s like the monitor is going to sleep in only a few seconds. What’s more, even the monitor menu only flashes up and vanishes. It’s like the monitor itself has been screwed up. Like the three-finger salute rewrote the monitor firmware…?

The sort of monitor that was damaged. I don't know if the problem is model-specific.

The sort of monitor that was damaged. I don’t know if the problem is model-specific.

Even the ‘check signal cable’ message on the screwed up monitor only flashes up for a second… seems like three finger salute on the Linux unlock screen has somehow fried my monitor! (Samsung SyncMaster 950B). Very odd.

Plugged faulty monitor into Windows 7 box and rebooted Windows. Absolutely nothing.

So, yes, the monitor has been screwed up by using Ctrl-Alt-Del on RHEL 6.



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