A tiny little rant: ‘Revolution 2038’ Perihelion.

Currently, as of July the 13th 2016, my story ‘Revolution 2038′ is available for your perusal at www.perihelion.com. I have no intention of giving away any crucial plot points but I thought I wound as say a little about the story just so that this post contains slightly more than just an advertisement.


It seems to me that, whether we realise it or not, our (by which I mean ‘my’) world has decided that the way to solve its problems is more science, not less. We might not always realise that this is what we have decided, but we have. Any time we want to keep our current lifestyle and do something about making sure that everybody gets enough food, we are opting for more science. Any time we want to fix the environment and still have private transport, we are opting for more science. Very few of us willingly forgo the benefits of science and technology though it may be that we have not I often wondered about how the scientist feels about how their work is used. ‘

I wonder how Tim Berners-Lee feels about some of the uses of the web. I wonder how the Wright brothers felt about bombers. We know how many of the Manhattan project scientists felt about that once it manifested.

Right now, we have the tools and the knowledge to abate and ultimately deal with climate change. Science has helped us gain the power to disrupt the planet’s ecosystem, but it has, more recently, given us the power to better understand what we are doing and to consciously do the right thing. We have alternative energy sources, we know that we need to implement them in a big way.

So some of these things were in my n mind mind when I wrote the story, but mostly I was thinking about three dimensional printing.

I wrote the story soon after completing my story for In Your Face, a serious anthology, meant to confront. In it’s own way ‘Revolution 2038′ confronts a little too, but it has quite a few more jokes in it; I needed to knock out a few gags after writing something serious.

Speaking gags; What do you call and English chimp? Chimpan-zed.


O tempora o mores.

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