A little trick with tlmgr: Unknown directive …containerchecksum error

Went to install some LaTeX packages I needed and typed this at the command line:

$ tlmgr install etoolbox

which gave

Unknown directive ...containerchecksum c59200574a316416a23695c258edf3a32531fbda43ccdc09360ee105c3f07f9fb77df17c4ba4c2ea4f3a5ea6667e064b51e3d8c2fe6c984ba3e71b4e32716955... , please fix it! at /home/username/installs/texlive/2015/tlpkg/TeXLive/TLPOBJ.pm line 210,  line 5579.


Turns out the problem was that tlmgr was accessing the 2016 repository when I have the 2015 installation. So I could either update to 2016 or tell tlmgr to use an archived repository.

Since LaTeX evolves fairly slowly, I went with the latter. I didn’t feel like using up my bandwidth. So on the command line I ran:

$ tlmgr option repository ftp://tug.org/historic/systems/texlive/2015/tlnet-final

which gave

tlmgr: setting default package repository to ftp://tug.org/historic/systems/texlive/2015/tlnet-final

and then all was well.

This was all prompted by using moderncv LaTeX package, and I have noticed that when moving from an older to a newer version of it, I had to move the \begin{document} command a little higher in the .tex file, for some reason.

Nothing else.


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6 responses to “A little trick with tlmgr: Unknown directive …containerchecksum error”

  1. Pedro Miguel says :

    Thank you for your post, it helped me solve my problem. I’m using the 2013 Tex Live distribution.

  2. Malachi Soord says :

    Helped me solve my problem 🙂 How did this even come to be a problem though? I installed texlive on my ubuntu 16.04 installation. How would I go about updating this to the latest? I noticed the package installed is 2014.20141024-2

    • Darren says :

      Umm… https://www.tug.org/texlive/upgrade.html which says “Due to changes in the infrastructure, it is not feasible to upgrade from the TL’15 release to TL’16.” They suggest a fresh install. That will result in multiple TeXLive trees which is wasteful of disk space. I’m staying with 2015 for now since LaTeX evolves pretty slowly, so I have no experience with the upgrade path to 2016. Sorry. Glad to have helped.

  3. Robert says :

    This also fixed my problem – thanks for the post!

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