My Fiction on the Web

Some of my stories are available in webzines that make the material available freely. This little post is just a repository for those links.

Every Useless Parameter‘ was published recently in Kaleidotrope and is the subject of a post on this blog.  It is available here.

‘Unfinished Projects’ came out a couple of years ago in Interstellar Fiction.  That website is now dead.  Blog mention here.

The ‘Complete History of Science or whatever I called it is available on this blog (five parts, each worse than the last, though only if you line them up that way), but was originally published when I was much younger (young, in fact) in Ron Clarke’s fanzine, The Mentor, and the relevant issues plus a bunch of others are on the web at this link. Below I’ve pasted in a masthead from one of the PDFed versions from the website — it really does have some good contributors (Congreve, Williams, Darlington). Worth a look even all these years later.

Masthead and some contents for <em>The Mentor</em> number 75.

Masthead and some contents for The Mentor number 75.



Complete and utter something or other…


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I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

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