My most ‘popular’ posts… all computery.

A pointless look at what gets viewed.  None of the numbers are exactly high, but I can’t say that worries me.  This bludge is not designed with that in mind.  The philosophy of the blog is just to post little hints or opinions/reviews and hope that somebody reads them someday; and to give me a place to wrote something, anything, regularly to build that habit.  It is avowedly not autobiographical.  When I figure out how to do something in Linux or LaTeX, say, I figure someone else somewhere on this ever-expanding interweb must have the same issue, so I put up my own path through the problem.  And these are the posts that get the most attention.

2015  Quick summary and what it might mean: People are looking for solutions. Top 8 (ignoring ‘Home Page’) all computery, and mostly solving little problems like configuring software or sorting out little issues in LaTeX.  Ninth is hardware problem related, so similar in spirit.  Putting the actual error text in the post — or as the heading — seems to work. ‘rxvt-unicode…type‘ for example.

On the other hand, my opinions and thoughts, such as they are, don’t get much attention.  First ‘review’ is at 14 and then 15. So if I want lots of ‘hits’ I would just post lost of computing-related tips and hints.

Views 2015.

Views 2015.


All time:  Well, this is the same list across the whole history of the site, and the story is the same:

Views all.

Some early posts (‘You Need This Book‘) rise up the list of course, but there is a notable dearth of science-y posts (‘A new kind of aspirin confirmed‘) and cartoons (‘Publish and/or Perish‘); the tagline is ‘Words.  Science.  Pictures.’ but clearly that does not reflect who’s actually looking, or what they’re looking for, at any rate.

Perhaps I should have multiple blogs, a computer one, a writing/drawing one, a science one, so that people who want one kind of content don’t have to wade through the other kinds.  But, really, why?  This is not a business, and I figure that so much ‘net content is accessed via search that the content does not need to be particularly unified.  Correct me if I am wrong!




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