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Well, I get several email a week from dodgy journals asking me to pay for them to publish my science. While there are good places to go and check if they are predatory (here, most obviously), I thought I would accumulate my own little list. It is here: and is just a list, sometimes with links, of the journals/publishers who have asked me for material and who are either clearly rubbish or who may or may not be rubbish but are still spammers and therefore should (perhaps) not receive support from authors.  So they may not be rubbish, but they are spammers at the least.

I am particularly keen for younger, less experienced authors to avoid these traps.  A great many open access journals are very good — I have published in them myself.  A greater many, sadly, are predatory, running shonky websites and asking authors for dollars in return.  Often the members of their supposed editorial boards either do not exist or do not know they are on the board or joined without knowing what they were getting in to, and then have asked to be removed and have not been.

It is a bit of a mess, and I would hate to see a young researcher ‘burn’ their good work by putting it in one of these journals.

My little list is just a data point, a personal experience of the flood of solicitations by dodgy publishers.




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