A page from my notebook

Sometimes it’s fun to just sit down with a pencil and let your mind wander.

Sitting in front of the cricket.

Some drawings, inspired by feeling like I ought to be doing something while I was sitting glassy-eyed in front of the cricket.


So this image is an A4  page from my home-made notebook.  I found a comb binder in a dumpster years ago — one exactly like the one in this video. When I want a notebook I just bind a bunch of sheets of printer paper.  I like the lack of lines.  I like the ‘trivial’ nature of a cheap, home-made book.  Somehow I feel more free to experiment and waste paper when the book is so ready made and cheap and easy and replaceable.  Someone gave me a really nice book full of art paper once, and I can’t bring myself to use it.

A lucky find. Ibico comb binder.

A lucky find. Ibico comb binder.

The drawings here are pretty much as they came.  I did some erasing in the first one (top left) but it is pretty clear that for example the bottom left began as a picture of a bookcase, for no reason, and the ‘joke’ (such as it is) was just crammed in when it came to mind.

Only the one in the bottom right had any text in mind when I did the drawing.  The ‘joke’ (I always use inverted commas when I say that) was based on the middle bottom, which was just a random image — in this case, flowers in a chemistry flask.

Top middle was just me attempting to draw a bald guy.  Why a cake, I don’t know.  Top right started out as an attempt to copy Wal’ Footrot’s nose.  Badly.


That will be all.


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