Task bar customisation in Windows 10

This is just a note to self about customising the taskbar in Wondiws 10. In particular, I have a netbook with limited screen real estate, so I want to reduce the amount of useless cruft in the taskbar.

First, the netbook has a wide-ish screen, and I want as much height as possible for applications, so I want the taskbar up the left.  I don’t like it to automatically vanish, though.

This is very easy.

I right clicked on taskbar, selected ‘Properties’, selected what I wanted for the ‘Taskbar location on screen’ menu.  Done.

Second, I do not need to be reminded that my computer is expecting me to use an ENGlish keyboard.  I searched for language settings, I right clicked on the word ‘ENG’ on the taskbar. Not obvious.  But:

Right clicked on taskbar, selected ‘Properties’, selected ‘Customize’ in the ‘Notification Area’  item.

This took me to ‘Notifications & Actions’ in the Systems section of the Settings menu.  Selected ‘Turn System Icons on or Off’ then turned off stuff.

Taskbar customisation in Windows 10.

Taskbar customisation in Windows 10.

The language icon (‘ENG’) is turned off by the ‘Input indicator’ switch, slightly unobvious, I think.

Other options appear under the well-named category ‘Select Which Icons Appear on the Taskbar’ of  ‘Notifications & Actions’ setting page.  The counter-intuitive thing is that most of the icons you might want to turn off are under the ‘System Icons’ category.

Next, the icons I had left were too big, leaving little room.  That’s really obvious; right click on taskbar and select ‘Properties’ and select ‘Use small taskbar buttons’.


I know this is all very obvious, but there’s no harm in listing it here.




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