text2pdf for cygwin — incredibly easy.

I recently had to upload my revised version of a manuscript, and the journal wanted the response to reviewers’ remarks as a pdf. I had written it as a text file.

I could have imported into Word or LibreOffice or something, or used a range of command line options. I used text2pdf and I could not be happier. There was not a binary available at the website for cygwin, so I compiled the file.

It doesn’t get any easier:

(1) Went to http://www.eprg.org/pdfcorner/text2pdf/

(2) Put the file http://www.eprg.org/pdfcorner/text2pdf/text2pdf.c somewhere in my directory structure.

(3) Went there and typed

$ gcc -o text2pdf text2pdf.c

(where ‘$’ is the prompt)

(4) Copied text2pdf.exe to somewhere in my path — probably /home/username/bin

(5) Done!

It seems to be excellent, low-overhead code with very few dependencies. For rapid conversion of text files into pdf with a useful range of options it works a treat. Big thanks to the author.

Any insults?


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I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

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