A Nice Piece of Work: Evolution with applied field of the magnetic structure of TbNiAl4

More years ago than I like to recall, I helped out with a study of the magnetic structure of TbNiAl4. The first paper we did on that goes back to about 2006. I did a refinement of the neutron diffraction data, and I got some things right, but what was not apparent — partly due to the limitations of powder diffraction and partly due to the limitations of the user (me) — was the subtlety and complexity of the real magnetic structure.


Fortunately, PhD Scholar Reyner White has now done it properly, with better data.  He found that the propagation vector I determined was pretty good, but has been able to show that the magnetic structure shows an “`elliptical helix’ type structure in which the moments rotate in the ab-plane as one moves along the c-axis”, which is far more concrete — I showed that it was incommensurate, and I found the propagation vector, but exactly what it was that was incommensurate I was wily enough not to say.

It sure is nice to work with good people who take the time to do things well.



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