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Earlier this year Fablecroft Press brought out a book, a collection of short stories, called Insert Title Here.  It can be found at Smashwords, in the Kobo shop, on Amazon, and in the Fablecroft shop.

The cover of <i>Insert Title Here</i>

The cover of Insert Title Here

Fablecroft publish pretty good stuff — I have enjoyed my copy of Cranky Ladies of History, for example — so I was very, very pleased to get a story into Insert Title Here.  It was once called ‘Circle’ but has been retitled several times over quite a few drafts to end up as ‘One Who Knows’.  I can’t say that I ever came up with a title that was completely satisfactory, but I do not think it is a story that hinges on the title.

The anthology is in the field of speculative fiction, so the story contains aliens, a distant planet, and human beings as well.  It is more serious than most of my (meagre) output.

There are a few reviews around, including this one and this one.  The second one breaks it down story by story, and has some nice things to say…  And there’s a review in Aurealis #81.


This story was first written on a now-defunct Olivetti M211V, a 286 laptop running an ancient version of MS-DOS.



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