TeX says it is stymied and format does not match pool, or something

I did an update on cygwin and then when running LaTeX got an error message something like:

(Fatal format file error; I'm stymied)

and it said that a format did not match the pool, or something (the error message scrolled off the buffer and I can’t see it any more).

This seems to mean that there’s been an upgrade and the formats need to be regenerated. I am using TeXLive on cygwin, and what I did was this:

texconfig confall
texconfig init

and latexing the document only worked after the third step. I don’t know if all were necessary, but this did fix it. This is well known, but the trick is not to panic and start reinstalling things and suchlike…

Enough for now.


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I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

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