From Another Blog: Tom Cruise in Oblivion

This just a comment I made on a much better blog than mine — see here.


I’ve always loved Tony Lee’s review of Cruise’s Oblivion (in Interzone #248): “overpaid Cruise is a drive-by hit-man, idly shattering the shop window displays of urban futurism/philosophical humanism with his vacuous mayhem and patented smirk … Cruise is best viewed as the annoying little dog that runs around the futuristic house and jumps on the shiny new furniture.” It’s got just enough truth to be more than just funny. In his choice of vehicles, and his acting ability, I do feel he shows a conservatism and lack of range that put him a long way behind some other male stars similarly initially prominent for little more than their looks — Pitt, say, and Depp (well, I’ll allow him the pirate movies…). Even Clooney. I really like Cruise in Magnolia, and in Tropic Thunder (hey — he can laugh at himself…maybe). But so often he seems to bend what could have been a good movie around his own neuroses concerning the image he wants to project, or feels he has to project. His movies are Tom Cruise vehicles, not movies with Tom Cruise in them. I can’t see him in something like O Brother, Where Art Thou? Syriana, Dead Man, Edward Scissorhands or even Twelve Monkeys. Haven’t seen everything he’s done, of course.


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