It’s Always Popcorn Time: The Lilac City Cinema

If this sounds like an advertisement, well maybe it is.  A bloke’s allowed to like something once in a while…

Going to the movies can be really expensive.  What is it now, $18 for a ticket?  And you won’t get much change out of a fiver if you want even pretty meagre ‘snacks’.  One outcome of this is more and more people heading into the supermarket to top up on chips (crisps) and other junk food before heading into the cinema.  The other is that mum or dad does some maths and works out that if they take the kids to the latest Pixar blockbuster they’re not going to get much change out of $100 and they decide to spend it on something else.  It doesn’t take all that many lots of $100 to pay for a decently large TV screen, some speakers and a bunch of discs (or netflix or whatever).

We are lucky enough to live outside a major centre but close to a minor one.  Goulburn in New South Wales is home to the Lilac City Cinema ( where kids’ tickets are $7, adults’ are $8 and a regular popcorn (which is quite respectable in size) is $1.70.  I think this is reflective of a number of issues.  One is just how efficiently a cinema can be run in the digital age (and admittedly a couple of the screens are really not very big…).  Another is the effects of rents and costs of doing business, which I am guessing are much higher in a Westfield Shopping Gulag than in a backstreet in Goulburn.

The benefits are manifold.  We go more often, we don’t have to limit ourselves to movies we are dead set certain the kids will like, and if they don’t like it we haven’t blown a small fortune.  We can happily buy some movie snacks, which adds to the ‘feel’ of going to the movies.

The fare is rather mainstream Hollywood, so (but for the odd special presentation) it is not much good for the lover of art house movies.  But on a cold winter’s day it’s a pretty good deal.


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