Breaking Point by J.E.MacDonnell: It made my eyes water.

This is a strong book in more ways than one. The villain in monstrous (the cover shows his heavy cruiser firing on a hospital ship), the action intense and vivid, the torture and rape scenes pretty graphic and bloody. It hits harder than most of MacDonnell’s output, and is very effective as entertainment though definitely gets an R rating for graphic violence. It is a late effort — from 1979 — and I don’t know its number in the ‘Sea Adventure Library’, if it has one. The prose is effective, and it only perhaps twice shows one of the author’s main narrative weaknesses — injecting the presence of the narrator as an author into the text in a way that tends to take the reader out of the story.


Heavy cruiser Mikuni breaks the rules of war and attacks a hospital ship; the cover of Breaking Point by J. E. Macdonnell.

And the ending is a bit of a shock…



More and more….


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