Tearing vinyl

This is a reminder-to-self post.

I got a turntable from Target.  It cost me $20, so I know it is top of the line.  It came with a USB output on the back and Audacity 1.3 (beta) on a CD.

One very cheap turntable.

One very cheap turntable.

This is what I found:

Step 1 — I cannot get Audacity 2.x on my Linux (Debian current) desktop box to see the USB input device, so I used the old version on my netbook (Win 7)

Step 2 — Plug in & turn on device before launching Audacity. Select ‘windows direct’ sound and ‘primary sound capture’.

Step 3 — Set mic gain to full, or thereabouts.

Step 4 — Start the record, start the recording. Or vice versa.

Step 5 — Stop & save. (At this point I transferred from the netbook to my desktop machine.)

Step 6 — Identify gaps between tracks, go to gap, Ctrl-B to insert the
‘beginning’ of a new track, give it a name like ‘XX Name’ where ‘XX’ is the
track number.  Starting at ’00_Name’ makes track ordering easy to control.

Step 7 — Export (File -> Export Multiple’), using the track name as the label so that the XX above makes sure it all comes in the right order. I exported as wav (for CD burning with k3b)
and mp3.

Step 8 — Play the CD…sounds good!  mp3 sounds OK too.

I have not had to fiddle with settings much either. But then I am no audiophile.


Not entirely unrelated.


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