My AIP 2014 experience

On Tuesday of the week just gone I presented a ‘keynote’ talk at the 2014 Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics. The talk was titled ‘Patterns and Insights: The Crystallography of Local Order’. It was about one of my usual topics –the use of diffuse scattering to figure out subtle details of the structures of crystalline materials, in the hope that this will lead to better understanding of how the useful properties of the materials come about.

My abstract.

My abstract.

I talked about the reason for doing the work, the methods we use to collect the diffuse scattering, how conventional forms of analysis don’t work, and some applications.  I showed some results from triglycine sulphate, aspirin, and a protein.  Thanks to Jodie Bradby (@Beidoj) for the pictures…

Triglycine slide from my AIP 2014 talk.

Triglycine slide from my AIP 2014 talk.

Synchrotron data collection slide.

Synchrotron data collection slide.

From what I could see the talk was well-received.  The audience seemed to appreciate it — both of them.   Well, there were a few more than that.

More but probably less.


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