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This is a note to self about the formatting of this blog. Please ignore.

So I like the ‘skeptical’ theme but the links are invisible. I am on not .org, so I cannot edit the CSS. How do I make the links easier to see for readers? I know I can manually add code to each link. For example, here are some useful HTML colour codes:

That bit of code looks like this:
<FONT COLOR="0000FF">Links to blue</FONT>

But if I switch from ‘text’ to ‘visual’ editing, the bit of code that does the colouring gets stripped out — annoying. If I publish without going back to ‘visual’ editing, what do I get…? I do still get blue text. So it appears that this can work, but it is far too manual to be satisfactory.

The basic problem is, it would be nice to just edit the CSS style sheet, but on, that can’t be done, as far as I know; only a self-hosted site ( allows that, and I don’t want to go to that much trouble.

If I look around, it looks like the thing to do is to spend money and purchase the Custom Design Upgrade, which effectively lets me get at the CSS via the upgraded interface. Will have to do a test… yes, it does the trick. How important is it, really?



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