Open Access in a Good Journal: A science publication at last!

I’ve had my rant about Open Access publishing, and now I’ve published in one.  Having said that, IUCrJ is the flagship open-access journal of the IUCr, the world peak body for crystallography, so it is rather different to being cold-called (well, emailed) by some recently established dodgy publisher.

The article, at, is titled ‘Diffuse scattering and partial disorder in complex structures’. It was commissioned as part of the 2014 International Year of Crystallography, and I hope it outlines the history, state of the art, and value of the diffuse scattering technique, something I have talked about before, probably too much.  The main benefit of this one is the open access, which means that anyone can have a look at it.

Here’s a picture:

Paracetamol diffuse.

The 0kl layer of reciprocal space for one of the polymorphs of paracetamol, the common painkiller. An arbitrary, false-colour map of some diffuse scattering to add colour to a blog post.

Since the article is open access, I won’t write a whole lot about it, except to say that the historical part is mostly (entirely) the work of Richard Welberry, and I don’t think the history of this subfield has really be captured before by such an expert practitioner as he, so it is worth a read even if the more technical part of the article is of less interest.

It was written in LaTeX of course.


As if.


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