Make a Video CD from JVC Everio .MOD files

This is just a quick ‘note to self’ on how I made a passable video CD (VCD) from the .MOD files on my Everio video camera without using the official software, since I am using a Linux box.  The official software probably does a better job, but this seems to work and is very quick.

(1) I installed WinFF, which uses ffmpeg.  I use Debian, so I just type

sudo apt-get install winff

and away it goes.

(2) Now, I have a pile of unused CDs, and I am only making family videos, so they are perfectly adequate.  I just mount the camcorder’s hard drive and drag and drop the .MOD files from the hard drive of the Everio onto the WinFF window.  Then I set the ‘Convert to:’ preference to ‘VCD’ and (for me) the ‘Preset:’ to ‘PAL VCD (HQ)’.  The WinFF screen looks like this:

WinFF set up to convert .MOD files for making a VCD.

WinFF set up to convert .MOD files for making a VCD.

(3) Then I just hit ‘Convert’ and watch the stuff scroll by in the terminal window that WinFF opens then closes.

(4) Then I fire up k3b, select ‘File –> New Project –> New Video CD Project’.

(5) Drag and drop the newly made .mpg files, in this case they were made in /home/username

(6) Burn with defaults.

(7) Done!

The result is a very simple VCD.  No menu, just the video files concatenated onto the disk, such that you can step through them using the forward and backward arrows on your DVD player.  But it played fine, no ‘judder’ as the camera panned, which is a problem with some routes from .MOD to disc or .mpg, and very quick.  I imagine the same thing would work for a DVD if the appropriate preferences were chosen in WinFF and k3b, but I have not tried it.

Some other video.


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