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I’ve found a simple way to increase the admittedly rather paltry number of views of my blog; review books with accidentally suggestive words in the title or author name. For example, I recently reviewed A History of Egypt by J. H. Breasted, and in barely a day it got viewed a whopping 8 times, which for my blog is a lot. I can only guess it is due to the author’s name. Now I just need to find a bunch of other books by authors with names like Cockley or Butt.  If I use the words ‘picture’ and ‘video’ that might help too… well, I guess I’ll undertake the experiment…

Which reminds me, I was trying to find a contact for an old friend named David Butt, who teaches chemistry in Victoria somewhere. I tried every search I could think of. It did not work, and now google is inserting some pretty unsavoury adverts into every page I visit… Here’s a video of ‘Mr Butt’ (he actually has a PhD, so it is really Dr Butt) smashing a coconut. When I saw the man in the video doing that I knew it was David…


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I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

One response to “Blog Exposure”

  1. David Butt says :

    Hey Darren, it’s David.

    Someone at work stumbled across this and forwarded it to me. It has been too long since we last caught up.

    I am indeed teaching now (I did some lecturing during my post doc and found that I enjoyed it more than writing grant applications . . . ) and love it. Last I heard you were doing something at ANSTO. Is that still the case and are you still in Canberra or Sydney?

    Life goes on and I have a family now. If you’re up for it I’d love to catch up.



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