Nanoscale Order in Molecular Systems from Single Crystal Diffuse Scattering

Since it is the UN International Year of Crystallography, the Australian Journal of Chemistry wanted to put together a crystallography-themed issue.  Since that’s much of what I do, I flanged together a paper for it.  It is in the nature of a review.  It focusses on the developments over time of looking at diffuse scattering and local order in molecular crystals, something which I have been working on for rather too many years.  I have talked about some of this stuff before and before and before, so it will do I think to say that we try to look deeper into the details of the crystal structure by modelling the data that others leave behind.  This is the diffuse scattering, the bits of the crystal diffraction pattern that are smeared out and hard to interpret.  Modelling them tells you about how atoms correlate and interact, which can be useful in relating the structure to the function.

Of course, we have to have a picture:

Diffuse scattering.

Some diffuse scattering, observed and modelled, from a molecular crystal.

And a reference:

There is a DOI:, but as of today no issue/volume/page numbers as yet.


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