Note to Self: Adding Menu Items to FLWM

This is one of those blog entries I just put here so I can remember how I did things. I’m sure it is of no interest to anyone else.

I often use the FLWM window manager for speed and tidiness.  I have a Debian system which by default installs Iceweasel but I generally use Firefox and it is not automagically added to the Debian –> Applications –> Network –> Web Browsing right click menu.

But it is very easy to do, and offers an example of how to put a new entry in the menu in general.

Change directory

cd /var/lib/flwm/

there is likely to be a directory called wmx. The files inside here essentially follow the hierarchy of the menu — or, in fact, the converse, they construct the menu. Therefore,

cd wmx/Debian/Applications/Network/Web\ Browsing/


sudo cp Iceweasel Firefox
sudo vi Firefox

change the command iceweasel to in my case firefox9, restart the window manager and done.

I had to rename to firefox9 because by default Debian aliases firefox to iceweasel and since I prefer not to mess with automatical system settings (partly because customisations that change them can be lost on upgrades) when I installed Firefox independently of the Debain repositories it was at version 9 so I just call it firefox9.


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