The Kindle Experience

I tend to gravitate to the more ‘open’ aspects of computing and technology. My desktop machine runs Debian Linux, I tend to write my documents in LaTeX. This is mostly because I am a cheapskate, but also because these tools work for me and don’t change at the weird whim of some company (e.g. Microsoft’s ribbon and Metro). And if they do change and I don’t like it, I have alternatives (Gnome 3, I’m looking at you).
But I did buy a Kindle. A keyboard one with the built in 3G. I am using it to post this from a park, sitting in the sun. It has 3G to let me buy from Amazon, bu it also has a browser that works with Twitter (@DarrenGoossens, by the way) and WordPress. I can read newspapers, search the web and classifieds, and so on.
Monochrome. Slow. Limited.
It can be done, just as you can drive a nail with the back of a screwdriver if you really need to.
The free ebooks I like–it is particularly handy if you like old stuff. Jonathan Swift is a fascination of mine and it’s all out there in the Kindle store gratis. I guess this tells me that while I like the philosophy of the movement to openness in software and tech, what I really like is free stuff.
I am so shallow.

PS. While I can post from the Kindle, I don’t think I’ll do it again in a hurry…


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