The Smallest Possible Contribution

The very excellent @minutephysics just put out a video on the ‘everywhere stretch’, otherwise known as the Big Bang.  It needed a small diagram, generated via LaTeX, and it ended up being provided by me.  It appears for about 0.04 seconds of the 5 minute presentation and it looks like this:


By my calculation, if every 0.04 seconds of the video took as much time as I took for the diagram, the video would require about two months non-stop work to make.  Clearly we don’t enough appreciate the free content that Henry and his colleagues provide for us!

It also was a nice example for me of how so-called ‘social media’ allows people to connect by interest and not accidents of geography.

Technical details:

I should have but did not use some clever LaTeX package for drawing this diagram.  I drew it using xFig, exported to a LaTeX picture environment and edited the output by hand to make the equations come out right.  Took 5 or 10 minutes and the code looks like this (embedded in a .tex file so that it can be compiled for test purposes):

{\color[rgb]{0,0,0}\put(3556,-2581){\vector( 0,-1){810}}
{\color[rgb]{0,0,0}\put(3826,-2446){\vector( 1, 0){495}}
\put(4366,-2491){\makebox(0,0)[lb]{\smash{{\SetFigFontNFSS{12}{14.4}{\familydefault}{\mddefault}{\updefault}{\color[rgb]{0,0,0}$U \times F$}%



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