Looking Landwards — A new anthology

Now and again the seemingly impossible occurs.  Now and again, something goes write (sic)!  Now and again, someone likes something I’ve written, drawn or … no, I can’t do anything else, it has to be written or drawn.  This happens too rarely but not never, and most recently the clearly ground-breaking (that will turn out to be a pun) anthology Looking Landwards has decided to publish a piece of mine called ‘Inversion Centre’ (I am not sure if it will be retitled ‘Inversion Center’ for the non-English-speaking market).  It will be coming out in various formats, from hardback to softback to e-book (I was hoping for a printed tea towel but apparently that is too silly), in October of this very year.

The anthology contains stories “that speculate on what the future might hold for agricultural engineering, farming and food production over the next century” (hence the above pun), and the story is a carefully considered mood piece, a prose poem, and a contemplative tale about giant robotic harvesters running amok.


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About Darren

I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

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