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The obvious names for genre magazines are mostly taken, I would think. In science fiction it is hard to find an exciting superlative that has not been used. The early days gave us Amazing, Astonishing and of course Astounding, and dozens of others. Then there are astronomical terminologies, like Nebula and Galaxy. As a scientist who does not work in astronomy, I am waiting for the magazine called Phonon (that would be a SF podcast, I guess) or maybe Plasmon. I am guessing Relaxor Ferroelectric! is not going to get any takers…How about Pnictide Superconductor? I recall reading somewhere that the coining of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine was a crucial step in realising that publication — that once the name existed the magazine simply had to follow… I cannot help but wonder if Mad Scientist Journal is not a little bit the same. Ah ha hahahaha! now we reach relevance. The Summer 2012  issue of MSJ contains ‘Report on a Recent Polar Expedition’, as dictated to me and put down verbatim. It is…well, a somewhat chaotic attempt at a series of jokes with little or no conventional narrative to join them up. It was written quite a while ago and sat around waiting for MSJ to be conjured into existence. It has a picture. And a very fine illustration by Justine McGreevy, which is probably more redolent of talent and thought than the article itself.


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I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

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