Adding the DOI to the unsrt bibliography style in LaTeX

I wanted to show the DOI of the documents in my bibliography.  The bibliography style files I could find any useful documentation for did not have quite what I wanted.  I wanted the unsrt.bst style with a DOI on the end.  Thanks to this file, I was by slavish imitation able to make this file (  It seems to work, amazingly enough.


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I'm a scientist by training, based in Australia.

5 responses to “Adding the DOI to the unsrt bibliography style in LaTeX”

  1. Rose says :

    Thank you so much for posting the unsrtDOI file!!! I had to sneak it into my miktex/bibtex/bst/base/ folder and rename it to unsrt.bst, but I have the DOI field and it’s all thanks to you. :))

    • Darren says :

      I’ve used so many helpful bits of code taken from the web over the years, it is a pleasure to find I’ve made a tiny but useful contribution.

  2. Kelly Kochanski says :

    Thank you for this! 5 years later, this is still the easiest working solution I’ve found.

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