Interstellar Fiction

So it is required in the age of interconnectivity that I point out the current issue of Interstellar Fiction. This estimable magazine publishes work of high quality. Clearly what I am saying is that they have recently put out one of my stories, something called ‘Unfinished Projects’. They would appreciate a small contribution, but you can have a read for free, so why not?

The story is meant to be funny, and I think it is. There is one line that made me laugh out loud when I wrote it. Of course, few things are as personal as a sense of humour.

Like most of my stories, it started out as a one page scene that went nowhere for about four years. That is the standard time — I write a scene that seems funny, it peters out, I forget about it, then one day when I am at a loss as to what to write but feel like doing something I go through my files and find the scene and get a hint as to where it might lead. Then I knock out the rest of the story, cut about 15 to 20% off the length of the manuscript and start shopping it around, occasionally with some success.

What can I say, it’s a hobby. I doubt it’ll amount to much but if I amuse myself and a few others then there’s no harm. Some of my funny little stories have shown up in Andromeda Spaceways, which I also recommend if you like a good read and don’t feel like excessive doom and gloom.

I have to say the Interstellar Fiction editorial process was very impressive — thorough and collaborative. I would recommend it to anybody, but most strongly to those looking to submit a story to a magazine…

Anyway, ‘Unfinished Projects’ concerns a Hillman Imp, a broken spacecraft, and string. What can I say? ‘Do yourself a favour.’ If you’re from the US you can ‘Do yourself a favor’ instead, I guess.


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